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More about MOOCs

More about MOOC s @ALDinHE

I went to the talk by the innovative team at the University of Northampton who are working on a combination of a MOOC/SOOC (small online open access course!)! Launching for 13,500 potential students this summer so no pressure there then!…..and one iteration will link to a 10 credit module, be facilitated/ peer reviewed by student ambassadors- a study skills for academic success. Other talks re ‘things MOOC’ various snippets caught my attention –
the difference between “C” constructivist MOOCs and ‘X’ MOOCs which are more structured and directive. Suggested ways forward is a hybrid MOOC
Platforms – Coursera, Udacity, Futurelearn, EdX
Badges are of interest
Pilot MOOCs with sixth forms students

Ones people have tried and liked just started, on coursera and run by the ALT C crew

Sian Baynes digital cultures one starts again Nov 2014

And was fascinated by this Shakespeare one

already run but resources are there

some excellent links to MOOC papers here:

And the UK policy document on MOOCs here: ‘maturing the MOOC’


Educause special editions on MOOCs:

And an excellent blog posting:

I recently added an extended blog post looking at the issues of MOOC pedagogy and the difficulties in defining and evaluating it.  It is hopefully a thought provoking piece that challenges some of the orthodoxies and assumptions around the MOOC-steria that has enveloped the sector over the last few years.

As always, the opinions in my blog are my own J

Cheers Peter Peter Bryant

Head of Learning Technology and Innovation/Centre for Learning Technology

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The ALT OER webinar

The ALT OER webinar

Caroline Greves moderated and has shared the video link of the webinar here:

Thanks very much for taking part in the session today, a recording is
now available from the ALT Repository at:



This was a well attended webinar – 30 people took part, with most staying for the whole of the time. Maren deepwell, the ALT Chief Excutive started with a summary and telling us about the various ALT publications; then Alastair and I spoke about our SIG and the mini project we did with inviting members to submit case studies/ materials to the ALT repository – we now have a process for this, so if you have anything you would like to showcase and share, there is a simple form here:

Martin Hawksley then talked about OER and types of MOOCs – and invites us all along for ride at we can register now – the TEL MOOC starts again in April – Martin has recently been appointed as ALTs Chief Innovation, Community and Technology officer

Megan Quentin-Baxter updated us all about the forthcoming OER 2014 Conference 28/29 April in Newcastle, and shared the fantastic range of speakers – many known to us already, but of particular interest to our SIG is Catherine Ngugi, Project Director, Open Educational Resources Africa is speaking – more information here:

The OER SIG has an open invitation out for committee members – see the JISC mail list…


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