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BERA2014: interesting events, links and tweets

A fabulous 40th year @BERA2014, with good signposting of strands, keynotes and highlights, and all our favourite publishers present!

For me, the session with most impact was Danny Dorling talking about the 1% – brief summary here

Danny recommends Thomas Pikerty work, and @HelenWalmsley) shared the link to review:

Wiley have a great taster of the Don’t miss Review of Education, just publishing it’s second volume! Read sample here :

Dave Aldridge (@zudensachen) tweeted a link to his great blog piece on what is education for:

And our own Kathy Wright HEA contact has updated the ITE resource list

Kathy also points us to the blogs on the three TE projects here:

@UoBris_DDlab shared these links:

The nation suffers because our ruling elites are drawn from such a shallow talent pool

Independent Commission on Fees report reveals students from disadvantaged backgrounds 10x less likely to go to University

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