Student Projects

LMBS Air Guitar Competition

Image of the Air Guitar competition

Air Guitar competition

The LMBS air guitar competition was led Justin Lance, a senior member of the Events Management Course team. It was an event organised by the MA Events Management students, for the new first year students. Debbie Holley invited her first year students to attend the event and they made an enthusiastic audience!
The promotional video that the students made is available at

Photos are available at

 Student Debt

Image for Student Debt

Student Debt

Student debt is a major problem nationally, as a growing number are struggling to pay their rent and utilities and many have several consumer credit debts such as personal loans and credit cards.  Such burgeoning debts potentially have a severe impact on the student’s ability to achieve their full academic potential, because of the extra mental health stresses as a result of their financial problems. The Consumer Finance Education Body awarded funding for London Metropolitan University staff Matilda Buckley (student debt adviser) and Debbie Holley (LMBS) to develop an innovative, fun, appealing and thought-provoking educative tool to enable students from a wide variety of backgrounds and with widely differing personal circumstances, to gain financial capability skills.The resulting on-line resource is known as ‘The Student Flat’ and is based on the financial dilemmas of four students who live/meet in the flat.

View the project at

View a money workshop at the CETL Student Conference 2010 at

The letter of credit.

Image for Letter of credit

Letter of Credit

Students were struggling to understand how the ‘money goes around’ in an international trade transaction. This resource has ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ options and can be replayed as many times as the learner wants.

The game is available at


The writing workshop project.

A group of third year students worked through a customised writing resource pack to develop their ideas for an essay on the ethics of shopping at Primark.

The pack and student feedback are available from

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