The Clipper Project

Anglia Ruskin University and London Metropolitan University with industry partner Clipper Logistics have developed an interactive website offering the user an opportunity to work health and safety features by identifying key hazards.

There are two different paths to work through:

(1)  the first path comprises a ‘real life’ area starting with a video of our hapless ‘warehouse operative’ having a bad day as he is filmed walking through a number of staged health and safety hazards.

(2)  The second path is the guided tour of the warehouse in Second Life – a free immersive 3D world. Full instructions are given as to how to access and navigate through this world, which may be unfamiliar to some. A set of helpful documents are available, including a briefing on using second life safely.

Both paths have easy navigation back to the home page, and it is anticipated that users would make use of both sets of materials in developing their own knowledge. The 3D warehouse site in Second Life is suitable for guest lectures, and it is hoped that Clipper and CILT may in future host specialist events at this location.

See the report here:


Access site directly here (you will need Flash Plugins for animations)

Read a report here  3Dwarehouse_DrDebbieHolley_link

The Anglia Ruskin Schools project

The  Anglia Ruskin Schools Project aims to offer information to potential applicants interested in becoming a primary or secondary school trainee teacher. Our project  bridges the gap from application to entry by offering a series of on-line activities and providing information to applicants. Working with two of our partner schools, we offer  some insights in to the everyday life of  school teachers in todays busy classrooms.

Thanks to the staff and students at Maylandsea Primary School and Cornelius Vermuyden Secondary School for their contribution to the project.

Visit the site here:  www.corma.co.uk/debbie