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Chaotic Project

‘The Chaotic Science Lab’: Supporting trainee science teachers – a cross departmental project

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This project supports science teachers in developing health and safety skills through the use of a virtual laboratory. In the laboratory they can carry out health and safety audits, develop their awareness of potential hazards and assess the possible risks involved. The students can visit the virtual world either individually or in groups, and then discuss the issues they have found to be a risk ‘in-world’ or later in the ‘real’ classroom. A web interface enables user registration and a user record for each session. Each session is recorded with time, date, location and scores for the user as they work through pre-programmed activities which enable the tracking and analysis of site usage.

Early findings suggest that this is an intriguing and unexpected addition to the science teacher training curriculum, and that students are keen to develop the scenarios further. There are clear benefits for staff and students alike.

View the website and a short paper here:

The Anglia Ruskin Schools project

The  Anglia Ruskin Schools Project aims to offer information to potential applicants interested in becoming a primary or secondary school trainee teacher. Our project  bridges the gap from application to entry by offering a series of on-line activities and providing information to applicants. Working with two of our partner schools, we offer  some insights in to the everyday life of  school teachers in todays busy classrooms.

Thanks to the staff and students at Maylandsea Primary School and Cornelius Vermuyden Secondary School for their contribution to the project.

Visit the site here:

View the website and a short paper here:

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