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The Clipper Project

Anglia Ruskin University and London Metropolitan University with industry partner Clipper Logistics have developed an interactive website offering the user an opportunity to work health and safety features by identifying key hazards.

There are two different paths to work through:

(1)  the first path comprises a ‘real life’ area starting with a video of our hapless ‘warehouse operative’ having a bad day as he is filmed walking through a number of staged health and safety hazards.

(2)  The second path is the guided tour of the warehouse in Second Life – a free immersive 3D world. Full instructions are given as to how to access and navigate through this world, which may be unfamiliar to some. A set of helpful documents are available, including a briefing on using second life safely.

Both paths have easy navigation back to the home page, and it is anticipated that users would make use of both sets of materials in developing their own knowledge. The 3D warehouse site in Second Life is suitable for guest lectures, and it is hoped that Clipper and CILT may in future host specialist events at this location.

Coming summer 2012: a series of Second Life interactive events in our warehouse

Visit the site here:

Image of the Womens Library

Womens Library

The Women’s library is the biggest and most comprehensive collection of women’s cultural history in the UK. The GLO maker Project is the first digital pilot aimed at opening up the collection for wider use and reuse within its host institution, London Metropolitan University.

The GLO Maker is an authoring tool for creating rich, interactive learning resources. The authoring tool focuses on good learning design; provides powerful features in an easy-to-use interface, and is open source and free for educational use.

It can be downloaded for free from and an example of a final resource ‘Marketing the female form’ can be viewed at

Thanks to the Women’s Library for use of photo to illustrate.

Read a paper about staff use of Glomaker here:

Holley, D. & Boyle, T. (2012) Empowering teachers to author multimedia learning resources that support students’ critical thinking.  EURODL, European Journal of Open and Distance Learning, Published 21.02.2012. Available at:



The labyrinth at Anglia Ruskin

The Labyrinth is an ancient image appearing across the world in many countries, cultures and faith contexts. Unlike a maze, it has a single path to the centre and out again, and you can always see where you are going. The narrow path offers a meditative walk: an experience that quietens the mind and may lead to fresh insights.

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