Engaging external stakeholders

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Conference Keynotes

Holley, D An Open Education Resource (OER) approach to CPD presented to the London International Conference on Education (LICE 2015) London, 9/11 November 2015

Holley, D: Outsiders looking in or Insiders looking out: Challenges for educators negotiating shared learning spaces presented to the Irish International Conference on Education (IICE-2015) Dublin, Ireland 20-22 April 2015


Holley, D. (2014) Methodological ‘Monsters’: a creative strategy to support student engagement. Presented as part of the ‘Participate! Learning and Teaching Symposium, The CASS part of the EU Timecase Project http://timecase.org (24/10/2014)

Holley, D. (2014) Vygotsky and the ‘more capable peer’ theory and design in the EU LearningLayers IP Research seminar, School of Education and Social Care, Anglia Ruskin University 15/10/2015 http://www.slideshare.net/debbieholley1/vygotsky-themorecapablepeer-aru

Holley, D., Cook, J., & Santos, P.  (2014) Developing Hybrid Social Learning Networks Presentation to University Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) International Research Committee 07/10/2014 http://www.slideshare.net/debbieholley1/developing-hyrbidsociallearning-networks-ucetoctober2014

Holley, D. ‘Workplace learning: Using students’ mobile phones to support learning outside the classroom’ Presented at the Blackboard International Teaching and Learning Conference. Aston University, Birmingham 8/04/2013 April

Holley, D Developing Links with Industry: a case study of Second Life Faculty of Computing Research Seminar, London Metropolitan University, 13/02/2013

Holley, D. & Miller, M. ‘Encouraging academic engagement when at a distance’ presented at the Blackboard ‘Lets talk about Text’ symposium, University of Westminster, 12/12/2012

Holley, D. & Miller, M Sharing Academic Ideas via Text Messaging: Who Engages and Why? Faculty of Computing Research Seminar, London Metropolitan University, 31/10/2012

Holley, D. ‘Texting students in workplace settings – what have we learned?’ presentation to staff/student seminar series, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 07/06/2012

Holley, D., Sinfield, S. and Burns, T. The shipwrecked shore: explorations of student metaphors, Higher Education Research Seminar Series: Institute of Policy Studies in Education, London Metropolitan University, 1/05/2012

Holley, D. Working together: using SMS text messages to support students on placement, University Medical Librarians Spring Forum; Royal Society of Medicine, London, 5/03/2012

Holley, D.& Miller, M Using text messages to engage students in academic work, Higher Education Research Seminar Series: Institute of Policy Studies in Education, London Metropolitan University, 31/01/2012

Holley, D., O’Reilly, C, Hudson, A. The virtual warehouse: pedagogy and planning for building a warehouse in Second Life, Higher Education Research Seminar Series: Institute of Policy Studies in Education, London Metropolitan University, 22/11/2011

Holley, D. Diversity and Belonging in Higher Education, event for Black History Month, co-hosted by the Centre for Education and Business Research/The Comparative Organisation and Equality Research Centre (COERC), 19/10/2011 available at http://www.londonmet.ac.uk/lmbs/research/ceber/news-and-events.cfm

Invitations to speak

Howlett, P and Holley, D ‘The calmer classroom’ Anglia Ruskin University Education Research Seminar Series, 15/06/2016

Holley, D. (2016) “Capturing the voice of the child: a co-design approach to developing calmer classrooms” at the Digital Citizenship Summit UK, and international event hosted by Bournemouth University 23/01/2016


Invited Web Publications/Contributions

Clark, A & Holley, D 13/03/2014) ALT webinar (contribution to global Open Education week 11-15 March) Open Education in the ALT Community @ Open Education in the ALT Community

The ALT-OER Special Interest Group webinar for Open Education week: available here:
http://repository.alt.ac.uk/2344/ twitter feed @ Open Education in the ALT Community

Holley, D Invited host #ukedchat ‘What are the realities for teachers in the classroom of having more trainees based in the school?10/01/2013 summary and archive: http://ukedchat.com/session-133

Holley, D. Case study contribution on Visual Literacies, Part of Strategic Stories: Michelle Reid, Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education, 04/10/2012, available at http://aldinheprofdev.wordpress.com/sharing-experience/strategic-stories/

Holley, D. Mobile Learning Case Studies: Contribution to ‘Mobile learning’ video resources for staff, 12 June, 2011 available at http://learnhigher.ac.uk/videoresources/mlearning/


Conference Organisation

Technical Program Committee Member for eLEOT 2016. The conference will take place in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, August 31st-Spet 2nd 2016 http://eleot.org/2016/show/home

Technical Program Committee Member for eLEOT 2015. The conference will take place in Novedrate, near Como, Italy on September 16-18, 2015. http://eleot.org/2015/show/home.

ALT-C, Organising Committee and Reviewer, ‘Connect, Collaborate, Create)  University of Warwick 6-8 September 2016

ALT-C, Organising Committee and Reviewer, ‘Shaping the Future of Learning Together, Manchester, 8-10 September 2015

Co -Chair: Annual ALDinHE Annual Visual Practices Conference

Look/Make/Learn2: Visual Transformations in Learning, Teaching and Assessment conference London 12/05/2015

Co -Chair: Annual ALDinHE inaugural Visual Practices Conference

Look/Make/Learn: Visual Transformations in Learning, Teaching and Assessment Conference London 28/01/2014 – link http://learning.londonmet.ac.uk/epacks/look_make_learn/

Expert bid evaluation

February 2016 The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) gives substantial long term funding to thematic centres of expertise, the ‘INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH PROGRAMMES’, of excellent research teams that jointly want to expand a sustainable, innovative, multidisciplinary network focused on social challenges and thematic expertise. This support is intended to form a stable basis next to external resources attracted by the research teams. The funding is granted for periods of five years, renewable indefinitely if periodic evaluations are positive. The typical annual budget is of the dimension of 100.000 EUR till 110.000 EUR. In the present call, 14 applications will be peer reviewed.

December 2015 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Canadian Dollars 314,474

Labyrinth Projects

Holley, D., 2016. Setting Up and Sharing: Introducing Labyrinth Practice in Two University Settings. In: Sellers, J. and Moss, B., eds. Learning with the Labyrinth Creating Reflective Space in Higher Education. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Certified Labyrinth facilitator http://www.veriditas.org/ September 2010