The ‘gigabite’ shirt – wearing my tech

How technology needs to ‘fit’ with my life – a little like my ever changing handbag collection.!Handbags sizes are on the increase – for a while I went for smaller ones, because my iPhone had everything I needed ‘on the go’ – texts, music, games, emails – work and private and twitter too. Then my iPad came along and this fits really seamlessly into my ‘work’ life with the notes especially, and the ability to view and read .pdf files as well as an easier interface for reading and replying to more complex emails. So carrying round an iPad and my handbag needs to carry this easily. Backpacks? Yes but then I end up carrying a handbag and a backpack and putting one into the other never quite does the job – I then need my office key and a mad scramble ensues. What I really like is the work that is going on where my tech will be part of my everyday clothing. Part of jewellery would be even better – and there is an amazing blog here about the gigabite shirt:

Jin-Woo Hana and M. Meyyappan have a technical paper that explains how all of this is developing

My ideal would be some stylish bracelets/ necklaces of some sort, then my smaller handbag collection could have another outing…what would your ideal be?


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