Technology ‘teachmeet’ background resources, reports and documents

Our PGCert team ran a ‘technology teachmeet’ where staff using technology is innovative ways in their classroom shared experiences with new staff just setting out on their academic career. Photos on event to follow – but thought some links to recent policy/ICT documents and reports may be of interest. Thanks to ARU librarians for their input!

Adults and their media habits:

The fabulous White/Wilde JISC  report on Incoming expectations of the digital environment formed at school

Not a report but a useful guide from Jisc about Digital Literacy


A recent report for the European Commission

Innovating Pedagogy 2014 – the 3rd OU innovation report suggests 10 innovations which ‘have currency’ but not yet met their full potential:

The ever great NMC ‘New Horizons’ report 2014 environmental scanning at its best

BIG data is BIG news – the World Economic Forum report


For Universities especially:

Looks at drivers behind the adoption of new technology:

Report highlights for librarians here!

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