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I am very excited to be the recipient of a National Teaching Fellowship – the award is, of course, dedicated to my students, as without their enthusiasm, encouragement and honest feedback, the classroom would be a duller place! Anglia Learning & Teaching http://www.lta.anglia.ac.uk/ worked really hard to support me through our internal University Teaching Fellow award scheme, and then through to the NFTS.

Much of my innovation has been supported by learning technologists – the great unsung heroes of HE – until ALT came along with their Learning Technologist of the year award! Richard Haynes, Caroline Dobson-Davies, Chris O’Reilly, Matt Lingard, Mark Miller, Mimi Weiss, Amanda Kennard-Wilson,Celine Llewellyn-Jones, Andy Stenhouse, Helen Webster and Martin Agombar – thank you.

The link to my short biography on the HEA website is available here


Significant influences on my teaching have been the Centres of Excellence in Teaching in Learning (CETLs www.cetl.ac.uk); I was privileged to work closely with three of them.

With the Reusable  Learning Object CETL, led by Profs Tom Boyle and John Cook the curriculum for over 1000 students was transformed with embedding these resources across the whole of the first year ‘study skills’ module. A rich legacy of resources, designed for students by students, especially Daniel, Nadeje and Jessie can be accessed here – www.rlo-cetl.ac.uk. Sincere thanks goes to Andy Mitchell, student, steering group member and critic – more critical than I would sometimes like over the years ! but always with the student experience at the heart of his insightful comments.

the Write Now CETL, with inspiring work from Kathy Harrington and Peter O’Neill have a wonderful set of resources including the great student book, by students for students all about writing – access from www.writenow.ac.uk

The  Learn Higher CETL – I think has had the biggest impact on my ongoing teaching – after the CETL funding, the University Learning Developers  set up the Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education (www.aldinhe.ac.uk) – their annual conference is a joy to attend, with  co-operation and collaboration always at the heart of their practice.

Finally, thank you to my wonderful friends, colleagues, co- authors and all round fantastic people Sandra Sinfield and Tom Burns – writer of the wonderful ‘Essentials Study Skills and bringing the great student study hub’ to students http://learning.londonmet.ac.uk/epacks/studyhub/

and Steve Wilson, (now retired) Head of the Professional Development unit at Londonmet and then Anglia Ruskin Universities – and never gave up encouraging me to apply for this most prestigious of teaching awards.

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