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Debbie Holley and Mike Hobbs (Centre and Centre right) with FLAIR Scholars

Debbie Holley and Mike Hobbs (Centre and Centre right) with FLAIR Scholars

FLAIR Scholar at work!

FLAIR Scholar at work!

We have been privileged to have three visiting scholars from Keroula, India, taking part in an educational study tour, building research links, discovering the work of different University professionals and departments, and work- shadowing key staff.

As part of their programme, they were interested in technology and innovation, and agreed to work with us on our Augmented Reality day.

Their input was very much valued, given their expertise in media. Mr Shihabudheen; Ms Indu Rejasekharan and Ms Smitha worked with the wider project team to scaffold language development, lead on the book selection and evaluation component of the day and made new friends with their participative approach to teaching.

Mr Shihabudheen leads class feedback

Mr Shihabudheen leads class feedback

Please visit our project blog,’Augmented@ARU‘ for further information and pictures of the day, and to try out the augmented reality artefacts made during our day.


As part of the Augmented Reality Teaching and Learning Project, Dr Mike Hobbs (Department of Computing ARU) and I have been working with our wonderful librarians developing materials and resources, all of which are freely available for (re)use from our project blog, “Augmented@ARU

Our 1 day workshop

IMG_0955A key project aim is to develop a set of Open Education Resources (OERs) to enable any interested staff/students to facilitate their own activities, embedded as part of the curriculum. Recently we had the opportunity to showcase our work, by offering a one-day workshop to 55 teachers of English from Panama.

This involved helping our visitors with language development, so we decided to use posters and books and the main mechanism for delivering the workshop. E-posters have been explored in an Open University project (insert link) with promising results for student engagement.

Posters would also enable group working, and we paired more experienced IMG_1132English teachers with the trainee teachers from the group. An introduction to the days  events and AR started the workshop, and then selecting a book to work with gave an authentic learning context to the day. In groups, our workshop participants has to design a poster, develop a marketing slogan and précis the book; and also write a short film script for the afternoon filming activities. All workshop participants signed informed consent forms for photography and media.


Example posters developed by our  PANARU visitorsIMG_0968

Our Assessment Fiesta 17/09/2014

Anglia Learning and Teaching: our assessment fiesta..

Twitter feed here: #LTAFiesta

Selected tweets and links:

Games in the classroom for assessment:

Thanks to @fabioArico

Assessment for learning CETL    invited workshop leader Prof Kay Sambell

And the wonderful Phil Races workshop notes:

And John Ward talking about audio/music tech and feedback – sound cloud to host student’s free! 

Not forgetting @ProfSallyBrown – contact her for cultural chapter on assessment in her new book – for free!

Myknowledgemap conference here at ARU 18 November contact

To self from  ?@FabioArico : read Royce Sadler and Dylan William on assessment and feedback. (I’d add David Nicols! @debbieholley1)

Txttools comes to Faculty of Education

>We now have a txttools account and can use incoming SMS text messages from students inside and outside the classroom, as well as use texts to students for all kinds of teaching and learning events. Contact Debbie or Mark Miller for further details…

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