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Future of Tech: reports with a difference

I have been thinking back to last year, and these are the most significant reports that made me think about how innovation is scaling and speeding up…what are the education needs we need to fulfil?

little girl using VR viewer

Bournemouth University Festival of Learning

  • The UK Parliamentary Committee of Public Accounts (May 2018) points to skills development lagging behind expectations of the workplace as the pace of technological change accelerates
  • The adoption of automation and AI technologies will transform the workplace as people increasingly interact with ever-smarter machines. These technologies, and that human-machine interaction, will bring numerous benefits…they will also change the skills required of human workers..accelerate from 2016-2030 (MacKinsey 2018)
  • ‘Despite major investment in TEL, we are not seeing major changes in the way technology is being used to support teaching, learning and assessment’ (UCISA 2018)
  • Significant challenges impeding Higher education TEL adoption – a ‘wicked’ challenge – complex to define, much less address’ Rethinking the role of educators (NMC Horizon Report 2018)