Our Assessment Fiesta 17/09/2014

Anglia Learning and Teaching: our assessment fiesta..

Twitter feed here: #LTAFiesta

Selected tweets and links:

Games in the classroom for assessment: http://supplychain.mit.edu/games/beer-game

Thanks to @fabioArico https://storify.com/FabioRArico/assessment-fiesta-anglia-ruskin-university-sep-201

Assessment for learning CETL www.alps-cetl.ac.uk    invited workshop leader Prof Kay Sambell

And the wonderful Phil Races workshop notes:


And John Ward talking about audio/music tech and feedback – sound cloud to host student mixes.it’s free! https://soundcloud.com 

Not forgetting @ProfSallyBrown – contact her for cultural chapter on assessment in her new book – for free!

Myknowledgemap conference here at ARU 18 November contact Sian.shaw@anglia.ac.uk

To self from  ?@FabioArico : read Royce Sadler and Dylan William on assessment and feedback. (I’d add David Nicols! @debbieholley1)

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