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Communication EU style

This week I have been reflecting on my EU project sabbatical and the ways in which communications work.

So its bi-monthly report time on the EU project. My expectations of huge amounts of documentation that would take weeks to compile not realised! Obviously can’t share exactly what each partner has done, but all of the updates were simply added onto a page of the EU project wiki. I am starting to find my way around the different communications for different contexts.

Our Aachen theory camp all set up and organised – all done! Led by scientific officer Tobias Ley and a shared agenda developed once again via shared documents on the wiki, and each contributor then adds a wiki page behind the link. Professor John Cook, Researcher Dr Patricia Santos-Rodriguez and I are contributing and have put together our work on Vygotsky and scaffolding – last week was a ‘week with Vygotsky!’ All the ‘theory’ documents were collated into one pdf and circulated, and a DOODLE poll used to agree a time for a pre-workshop discussion.

The LearningLayers Open Design Library featured in my webinar talk last Thursday – available from the ALT Repository at: Thanks to Patricia Santos-Rodriguez for writing the case study.

The LearningLayers newsletter is now available with news, events and updates on the App development: