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Aspiring NTF event: New year, New network

Enhance your networking to promote your public profile
This workshop is for those considering applying for the National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) Scheme in 2022 or beyond, and will offer information about the scheme that will help you consider any future application that you may want to make.
In addition to this, we will offer  insights and thoughts from an interdisciplinary panel about using your existing networks, and targeting and reaching out to new networks as you build your NTF profile.
We ran a session about successful networking for impact at the Association of National Teaching Fellows symposium last year and will build upon this work. But how to get started, to move from your existing internal operational networks that enable you to get you work done, to personal networks?  Networks are built upon a reciprocal two way relationship with real people, says Prof Sally Brown. Harvard Business Review add an additional level – strategic networking  for linking up with, and creating, your role as an opinion leader. 
Facilitated by Professor Debbie Holley (NTF 2014) on behalf of AdvanceHE/The Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF)

Booking is open here:

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Aspiring NTFs: report on webinar one and links

all dressed up to go…online

The NTF award scheme went live on the 5th October, and AdvanceHE, working with the ANTF, are arranging for monthly webinars to support those interested in the applying for this prestigious award. Please do share the links widely – we warmly welcome applications from colleagues in FE and under-represented groups. 

Webinar One: Getting Started 

This webinar covered the new guidance, highlighted useful AdvanceHE resources, and our invited guest was Dr Kirsten Hardie, a previous ANTF Committee Chair who shared her wonderful ‘object based learning’ materials, in her session, ‘the joy of the NTF’. Kirsten showed how she had used this body of work to develop herself, develop others and build international links. We stopped for regular Q&A, and Dr Nicola Watchman Smith and Dan Amin summarised the chat and answered questions as we went.   And below you can see Kirsten with her wonderful image of Portuguese church flowers!

Main Q&A themes: 

Links between UKPSF and NTF? 

Draw upon the underpinning evidence, but schemes designed for different purposes 

Who do I talk to in my institution? 

Each UK HEI working with AdvanceHE has a ‘institutional contact’ who has the final responsibility of uploading the final claim, securing the VC (or equivalent supporting statement) 

How can I get an idea of what to write about? 

Contact NTFs in your institution, discipline or who just look friendly! There is a ‘rogues guide’ on the AdvanceHE pages! 

Professor Sally Brown, one of the original scheme developers has written extensively with NTFs in co-published books and chapter; she also has a comprehensive set of powerpoint slides on her webpage: (search NTF) 

Other example publications from NTFs 

Bilham, T. ed., 2013. For the Love of Learning: Innovations from outstanding university teachers. Macmillan International Higher Education. 

Bilham, T., Hamshire, C., Hartog, M. and Doolan, M.A., 2019. Reframing Space for Learning: Excellence and Innovation in University Teaching. UCL IOE Press. UCL Institute of Education, University of London, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL. 

Broughan, C., Steventon, G. and Clouder, L. eds., 2018. Global perspectives on teaching excellence: A new era for higher education. Routledge. 

Sheridan, M.J., 2017. Learning with the Labyrinth: Creating Reflective Space in Higher Education, by J. Sellers and B. Moss. 

Useful links: 

AdvanceHE NTF 2021 Guidance pack, videos and benefits 

Full post on the NTF blog.

Wishing all applicants every success on their journey…

NTF scheme webinar one

National Teaching Fellowship Roadshow 1: “Getting Started”:

Thursday 15th October 12.00-1.00

Join me, previous Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF) Chair Dr Kirsten Hardie, a representative from AdvanceHE and guest ‘new’ NTFs to find out about this years scheme, getting started and hints and tips about how to frame those applications!

Moving Online – where to go, how to start?

Online learning has been thrust upon many of us with the COVID-19 virus causing issues on campus. I have been taking a trawl around the National Teaching Fellows twitter list (@NTF_Tweet)Tweet, and will post ideas/ summaries, activities regularly. All sources will be acknowledged, and any errors or omissions are mine.

Getting started – where better than the Open University?  

Open University resources on online teaching can be found here

And the fabulous OU  Innovating Pedagogy report 2020 is available now should you want to think about future trends:

An infographic setting out the do and do not got online teaching
shared through creative commons