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And a report on recent happier times:

The Association of National Teaching Fellows Symposium 5/6 March

Well what a difference a month makes! The Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF) made it just under the radar – our annual symposium ran at the start of March. Newly elected to the committee, it was my first one…

Open to both National Teaching fellows and interested academics, the symposium consisted of four topical themes:

  • Excellence in Teaching and learning
  • Building your own impact
  • Promoting diversity, well being and resilence
  • Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence strand (CATE )

And as we start…

Dr Caroline Coles (right)

Here is Dr Caroline Coles (pictured with Debbie Holley, left;) our inspiring and super organised Chair, as she gets ready to welcome over 100 participants. Karen Hustler from (pictured below) dvanceHE, our huge supporters, advocates and sponsors, welcomes the audience.

And a fabulous Keynote for WonkHE Associate Editor, David Kernohan the graph illustrated shows the stark stop in HE pedagogic research investment from 2010 onwards…..

Aston Student Union VP Danielle Gallagher gives her frank views on the student experience, outlining the key cases on student stress and highlighting the importance of student mental health and wellbeing.

Dr Theo Gilbert gave an inspirational and interactive keynote on why we should be looking at a compassionate curriculum – the work can be read and shared from his blog ‘Compassion in Education’  

The conference then streamed into different sessions, and were amazing, awesome and inspiring – far too many to report in in a short blog, but tweeting activity form the different rooms can be found on @NTF_Tweet #ANTF2020

One session that was fabulous to be invited participate in is the ‘Professors in Preparation’ group, run by Deb Locke and Harriet Dunbar-Morris, where a Professors invited to undertake a ‘PiP’ talk sharing their pathway, and then Deb and Harriet ran table tasks to get aspiring Profs thinking about their journeys. Link to my mini talk here:

PiP talk

Pathways to impact: successful networking

Prof Sally Brown gathered together a group of us to share how to create and sustain networks, in a session on building impact. Entitled ‘my successful networks, this slide hare has the ‘good and great’ put does not recreate the dynamism and enthusiasm with which Sally marshalled all of us! 

the key themes, and Prof Kay Sambell contributed to the workshop

And after the networking session, we heard from research carried out about the attributes of an excellent lecturer from Dr Zoe Allerman, De Montford University:

Prof Sally Everett, our equality and diversity lead on the committee , summarises the data as a poster – makes difficult reading for marginalised groups…the ANTF committee are working with AdvanceHE to make a difference.

And a wonderful poster display – click here to see other posters displayed on slideshare

This is just a taster of the work being undertaken across the sector. Follow us on twitter @NTF_tweet, and our blog on the AdvanceHE platform

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