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Students have not had an easy year, with recruitment fears as they joined our Universities over the impact of Brexit; staff taking industrial action on an unprecedented level, and now Universities closing down, changing study patterns as the Covid-19 virus sweeps through. Responsible educators now need to plan ahead, ensuring that our students have robust, transparent and equitable assessment processes that enable successful progression and exit qualifications. 

Corona Virus as being modelled in one of our lectures

The challenge is:

How can our rapidly approaching assessments be fair and equitable to all, yet maintaining the quality of our degrees, and meeting the standards demanded by professional bodies and future employers?

Those of us advocating strongly for the ‘digital approach’, will already have the  skills to move learning online, to embrace and encompass digital making, align our courses with online digital pedagogies and can work with our learners to motivate and even inspire those we lead through their brave new learning journeys.  Institutions need to start realising the huge potential of our Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), and move from transmissive ways of working – the VLE as repository, to the VLE of inspirational and critical pedagogy. read more in my article in WONKHE today…

Our Assessment Fiesta 17/09/2014

Anglia Learning and Teaching: our assessment fiesta..

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Selected tweets and links:

Games in the classroom for assessment:

Thanks to @fabioArico

Assessment for learning CETL    invited workshop leader Prof Kay Sambell

And the wonderful Phil Races workshop notes:

And John Ward talking about audio/music tech and feedback – sound cloud to host student’s free! 

Not forgetting @ProfSallyBrown – contact her for cultural chapter on assessment in her new book – for free!

Myknowledgemap conference here at ARU 18 November contact

To self from  ?@FabioArico : read Royce Sadler and Dylan William on assessment and feedback. (I’d add David Nicols! @debbieholley1)