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1. Math in Real Life. Submit
Creative videos that a) help make math understandable and b) prove math’s relevance

2. Creativity in Action. Submit
Revealing the power of human imagination—in art, music, invention, design, dance and drama – and more.

3. Inventions That Shaped History. Submit
Not just the familiar ones—the wheel, agriculture, writing, printing, the telescope, the assembly line, the nuclear bomb, the internet…. but the subtler inventions too—the alphabet, the number zero, the compass, the sextant, the abacus, hay, the stirrup, radar, the pill, gene-sequencing, sewage systems, scuba diving, the rule of law, democracy, advertising. (Sample video… Hans Rosling and the washing machine.)

4. How and Why? Submit
Insightful answers to fascinating questions. “How did wolves become dogs?” “How do magnets attract without touching?” “Why did Germany invade Russia?” “Why do men have nipples?” “How does photosynthesis really work?”

5. Questions No One (yet) Knows the Answer to. Submit
By painting the murky edges of knowledge, we give context and humility and stimulate curiosity. Why does a mouse feel pain whereas a robot doesn’t? What happened before the Big Bang? Do we have free will? How did life begin? When we point our telescopes across the galaxy, why don’t we see the giant constructions of alien civilizations more advanced than us? How can an electron go through two different slits at the same time? What did these ancient symbols mean? Is there one universe or many?

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