‘In Defence of Teacher Education’

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Please find the url to download the newly launched SCETT conference publication ‘In Defence of Teacher Education’, which provides a unique defence of education as a field of study essential for future teachers. It is addressed primarily to policy makers but should be read by all teachers, teacher trainers, academics and all those who believe that teaching is a profession and not merely a ‘craft’.


There are fifteen contributors to the publication, including Christine Blower (Gen. Sec. NUT), Dr Mary Bousted (Gen. Sec. ATL), Prof. Gary McCulloch (IoE), and Prof. Michael Young (IoE).

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Successful project Bid (£5000)

Sue Sentence, Debbie Holley & Claire Bradley (Research fellow at Learning Technology Research Institute, London Metropolitan University)

Balancing the demands of in-school placement with out-of-school study

The affordances of mobile technologies are blurring the time and space constraints placed upon students studying at a distance. This study explores how to scaffold critical learning and document the ‘invisible’ struggles that education students face when expected to write their postgraduate research project while on placement within their schools.

Our project aims to explore the affordances of mobile technologies by supporting students writing their postgraduate projects when they are in a placement setting. It will:

a) Capture the stages in student writing over their placement by the use of filmed individual research diaries (via flip cams).

b) Scaffold student critical thinking by having four 24 hour ‘key intervention points’ where students and staff will have a critical text dialogue tutor-student; student to student peer groups; student to tutor. This will be facilitated by using txtools (www.txttools.co.uk) and students will use their own mobile phones).

c) We will capture previously ‘invisible’ aspects of our students’ lives outside the classroom.

d) By analysis of the video diaries and focus group interviews we will identify a framework for key interventions that will provide staff supporting students in other contexts with insights into the key ‘tipping point interventions’ that make a difference to the student experience.

Project website to follow….thanks to EScalate for funding the work.

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