Biographic narrative approaches to Health

The recent stage of my EU ‘sojourn’ has been fascinating and enjoyable. I used my biographic narrative expertise to interpret a number of  interviews from health professionals, working in GP Practices in the north of England, uncovering where informal learning takes place in their workplaces. The NHS changes, I discovered, are making big differences to working life – previous ‘spaces’ for sharing ideas and discussing practice are being slowly eroded, leaving a need for an alternative of some kind – perhaps our online EU ‘Help seeking’ tool! For those unfamiliar with biographic narrative, Tom Wengraf, author the best selling book Qualitative Research Interviewing (Sage 2001) has agreed to share a very short overview – available here: Quick Outline Sketch of BNIM-14. My work on the interviews gave me valuable insights now workshops are running with health professionals. The first one explored existing professional networks, the second one was about co-designing their own ‘ideal’ network, and the final one will run in the autumn, when a more developed tool will be available. Empirical work is really exciting!

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