A few of my favourite things ….(for teaching students)

Delighted to be awarded a National Teaching Fellowship! In this post I share a few of my favourite things…

My all time favourite is the Learn Higher Groupwork resource, I was privileged to pilot the initial episodes with my students, who would refuse to leave the class until all the advice video clips provided with for evaluation has been shown:).

The Writing Essays at University book written for students by students to facilitate their writing is always great.. And I return to versions of a ‘how write a lit review’ writing workshop with my students most years – and my slides are on slideshare where they have been viewed over 1000 times – please do reuse with your own students…

Sandra Sinfield and colleagues at Londonmet have a brilliant student study hub online: http://learning.londonmet.ac.uk/epacks/studyhub/ And the ALDinHE website has lots more resources for staff and students: www.aldinhe.ac.uk always something to delight, inspire and share…

A most joyous experience was working with Justin Lance, where his Events Management Masters students arranged an ‘air guitar’ set of workshops for my first year students, and they made the most wonderful  video to promote the event. There are other videos of the students ‘in action’ on you tube (search LMBS and air guitar)

And following the creative theme through, Pauline Ridley , an inspirational learning developer, lecturer and writer has resources here http://about.brighton.ac.uk/visuallearning/ – especially the ‘draw to learn’ free booklets. Pauline’s encouragement led to my own ‘creativity’ workshops for my research methods students.

The RLO-CETL saw the development of lots of learning objects, which  can also be repurposed and reused by using free glomakersoftware. My favourite couple of artefacts are the probability car crash exercise and the calculation genre of rock star death – why so gruesome? Co- designed with our students….

a project with staff and the women’s library came up with rather more refined artefacts – Josephine  Butler and the marketing the feminine form – designed to get our fashion students to observe fashion more closely through the ages….leading to a paper about reuse and repurposing.

My recent industry collaboration saw me reunited with colleagues Chris O Reilly who did the film, editing, photography and designed the flash games for my Health and Safety warehouse, and Alan Hudson, the famous ‘Pel Juran’ in second life, who developed the in world interactive version of the site – and was a great sport by stepping up to be our hapless ‘ warehouse operative’ as he was filmed went about the Clipper Logistics warehouse. Aided and abetted, by Lenny Breheney the Group Health and Safety Maintenance Manager, who helped us create all kinds of hazards that are NEVER part of his everyday warehouse operations! Link to the research report, and the 2D and 3 D versions can accessed from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport website.

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