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A presentation to the ALT Evaluations of Learners’ Experiences of e–Learning Special Interest Group (ELESIG) group by Debbie Holley, Professor of Learning Innovation, and Dr Heidi Singleton Department of Nursing Sciences, Bournemouth University 
Bournemouth University students using VR

The challenges of embedding digital technologies in learning, teaching and assessment are complex, and rethinking the roles of educators has been at the foreground of recent Educause New Horizon expert panel reports. The most recent Jisc Student digital experience insights survey (2020) report highlighted that only 20% of students have experiences of simulation. The challenges of scale seem insurmountable – however, in this session we suggest some low-tech solutions, and invite participants to come along bringing their mobile phones and a google cardboard headset.  We discussed some of the barriers and solutions to changing practice, drawing upon the findings of the ‘State of XR and Immersive Learning Outlook Report (2020); The Microsoft ‘class of 2030’ report; and reported on some of our low tech/hi tech innovations. The slides include a link to an EU learning layers position paper on Scaling for innovation.

The sides are available here, and the recording from the ALT ELESIG pages.

You can follow Debbie on twitter @debbieholley1 and Heidi @blueprintteach 

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Please complete our questionnaire! Do your children, or friends’ children have itchy eczema? We are trying to find out how we can use Virtual Reality to help get a child relaxed and able to sleep.

How can you help? We have ethics approval for our questionnaire, and want as many people as possible to share their ideas. On the questionnaire, you can offer to be a willing family happy to test out some ideas from home, using google cardboards we will supply,

Our Nursing students using VR.

About the Project

Bournemouth University would like to know what kind of VR game will help children with eczema relax and stop scratching.

Can I take part in the project?

If you are aged between 7 and 11 years old, and you have eczema, ask your grown up if you can take part in our research project.

What do I need to do?

If you want to take part, then you will need to complete an online questionnaire (your adult can help you read/type). Every child who completes a questionnaire will be entered into our prize draw with the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher or one of five £10 Amazon vouchers (selected randomly by our computer). Each child can complete the questionnaire once (so if you have more than one eligible child then you can do more than one entry per household). The deadline is the TBC

When you fill in the questionnaire it will give you the chance to volunteer to take part in an optional zoom session with Dr Heidi Singleton/ Professor Debbie Holley. The zoom session will allow you to view the virtual reality game/scene and then you can let us know what you think about it. We will send you a googlecardboard headset in the post (which you can keep), you will be able to view the software via this headset. Every child who takes part in the zoom session will be sent a £20 Amazon voucher (to their adult’s email address).

Where can I find the online survey?

The questionnaire is now live, and we would love your replies by Wednesday 23rd June Link Here