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Our PGCert team ran a ‘technology teachmeet’ where staff using technology is innovative ways in their classroom shared experiences with new staff just setting out on their academic career. Photos on event to follow – but thought some links to recent policy/ICT documents and reports may be of interest. Thanks to ARU librarians for their input!

Adults and their media habits:

The fabulous White/Wilde JISC  report on Incoming expectations of the digital environment formed at school

Not a report but a useful guide from Jisc about Digital Literacy


A recent report for the European Commission

Innovating Pedagogy 2014 – the 3rd OU innovation report suggests 10 innovations which ‘have currency’ but not yet met their full potential:

The ever great NMC ‘New Horizons’ report 2014 environmental scanning at its best

BIG data is BIG news – the World Economic Forum report


For Universities especially:

Looks at drivers behind the adoption of new technology:

Report highlights for librarians here!

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The Italian Job

Dr Mike Hobbs (FST) and Dr Debbie Holley (FHSCE) recently visited the University of Salento, Lecce, Italy, as part of the ERASMUS staff exchange program.  Mike and Debbie share research interests in the ‘digital classroom’ and data analysis. Their hosts, Professor Elisa Palomba, a child psychologist expert in early years education, and Professor Enrico Ciavolini, an expert statistician, are interested in intercultural research, and wanted to find out more about how digital technologies could feed into their own practice.

Debbie and Mike taught students on the Masters in Psychology course where the students were introduced to a range of augmented reality artefacts.

LE 2DebbieAR_LecceNovember2014

Image 1 (left) Mike Hobbs (second from left)  explains how AR artefacts work

Image 2 ( right) Debbie Holley (helping student holding pink iPad) helps students focus onto the triggers


Image 3 (left) students are assisted to use their own devices to activate the AR triggers

Image 4 (right) the students all share their devices as part of the ‘digital classroom’ lecture delivered by Debbie

More information on the ‘Ontological analysis for dynamic data model exploration’
Mike Hobbs, Cristina Luca, Arooj Fatima, and Mark Warnes delivered by as part of the  statistics course undertaken  by the Psychology Masters students are available on the course facebook page:

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